Kids Rakhi Makes Rakhi For Kids Super Exciting

Kids Rakhi Makes Rakhi For Kids Super Exciting

Like any other holiday, Rakhi gets kids excited. They love dressing up and they eagerly wait for the delicacies that are prepared this day every year, especially Gujiya and motichoor ke laddoo! The whole family, cousins included gather together and exchange gifts and sweets. This is really exciting for children. However, the younger ones get even more excited when they get fancy rakhis featuring their favourite cartoons that they love watching on television. In our time we loved shaktimaan and chacha chaudhary. Today’s kids love pokemon, Doraemon, Chhota bheem and the minions to name just a few. We have Kids Rakhi featuring all the famous cartoon characters. They even have sound and light system. These rakhis are on special discounts. So don’t think twice. If you have a younger brother tie him a cartoon rakhi from rakhistores.

Get Your Kids Excited and Pumped For This Raksha Bandhan!

The relationship between siblings is deepest during childhood. They go to school together; they play together and spend a lot of time together. Raksha Bandhan celebrates this extremely special relationship. It is important to teach kids about Indian festivals and the great rich culture that India has. So don’t just celebrate Rakhi, get your kids really involved. Narrate to them how it all started, the great stories about Raksha Bandhan. Teach them how to prepare the rakhi thali. Teach them the significance of Raksha Bandhan and why they should value each other just like they value their own lives.

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So what cartoon is your brother’s favourite? Write a note in the comments section, and we will try to make available Cartoon Rakhi featuring your brother’s favourite cartoon. Not only kids, adults love cartoons too. They get to relive their childhood days by watching cartoons. It might be a fun idea to tie cartoon rakhi to a brother no matter what age he is! Today it is considered very cool by kids to sport such rakhi. Your kid brother will proudly flaunt his rakhi in school and in front of his neighbourhood friends for days to come. Now that would be fun to watch! After all what makes a sister happier than her brother’s glee and happiness!

Why Is Rakhi So Special?

Rakhi is a festival that stands for purity and spirituality at the very core of its spirit. The bonds it celebrates are about selfless love, with no expectations at all. Rakhi is about the feeling of being protected and about protecting; it is about being there for each other, even if the relation is not that of blood. Rakhi is being celebrated since centuries in India and it has enriched the relations of many brothers and sisters and made their bond stronger. Today the festival of raksha bandhan is celebrated by religions across the world as a mark of respect to the solidarity of the brother sister bond. Let us celebrate Raksha bandhan with the same zest and spirit this year!

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