Rakhi Celebration In Different Parts Of India

Rakhi Celebration In Different Parts Of India

How Rakhi Festival Celebrate In North India?

Anyone can feel the enthusiasm and zeal with which "Rakhi" is celebrated in Northern parts of India. Everyone waits for this festively very eagerly because this is the festival when every member of the family comes close and meets each other and celebrate this auspicious day together. Preparations starts many days before Raksha Bandhan where shops are flooded with variety of beautiful Rakhi designs and varieties along with variety of gifts for both brothers and sisters. It seems the whole state or city gets into the celebrations of Rakshabandhan.

On this auspicious day, it is also seen that the girls from these parts of India apply Mehendi on their hands since it is considered as one of the beautiful Rakhi tradition.

On this day, sisters prepare different mouth watering delicacies to be offered to their loving brothers along with other members of the family. Rakhi is regarded as a symbol of love and commitment; and gifts from the brother are considered as a symbol of commitment to protect his sister.

How Rakhi Festival Celebrate In South India?

In southern parts of India Rakshabandhan is referred by a different name as Avani Attam or Upakramam. It is believed that Brahmins in ancient India considered this day to be the perfect and auspicious day to start their Vedic studies because it is found in legends, that Lord Vishnu stole Vedas of Lord Brahma on this day. So, on this day males of Brahmin community change their holy thread called Janeyu after taking a holy bath and performing some rituals. The changing of Janeyu is a symbolic representation of Prayashchitam, which means act of reparation of previous sins and taking a Mahasankalpam meaning taking a vow to live a life with great moral values, strength and nobility. Some of the scholars start reading Yajur Veda on this auspicious day.

How Rakhi Festival Celebrate In East India?

People in East India especially from the states of Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh call this festival Shravani or Kajari. Farmers and women celebrate this festival with full fervour. It is believed that women from these parts of India who have male child or children perform the rituals of this festival. They collect some soil to store in a dark room and keep it there for seven days and worship there till the arrival of Kajari Purnima. They pray to God for the well being of their child, members of the family and also for the good harvest.

In west Bengal and Odisha and other parts of Easten India like Vrindavan & Mathura, Rakshabandhan is known as Jhulan Yatra or Jhulan Purnima wherein they celebrate the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. This festival celebrates the love of devotees towards Lord Krishna and Radha. This festival has got a divine message from Lord Krishna to be one with nature. This festival has its more significance for Vaishnavas. For continuous five days or until Shravan Purnima people decorate swings so beautifully with flowers and colourful beads. His festival is celebrated with song, dance and other cultural programs in various temples of Radha Krishna.

How Rakhi Festival Celebrate In West India?

In western coastal parts of India (Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka), Rakshabandhan is being referred as Coconut Full Moon or Nariyal Purnima. This festival has got its most significance in fishing community of these regions since they celebrate the beginning of new fishing season. And they celebrate this festival with full zeal because their life is totally dependent on sea for livelihood. The ritual of this festival is such that fishermen offer coconuts along with prayers to Lord Varuna as thanksgiving.

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